How To Play Roulette
Learn roulette rules, types of bets and roulette table.
Odds At Roulette
Find out how to count roulette odds in two game types.
Martingale System
Betting system for all roulette types with simple rules.

Roulette odds in European variation are much better for the players of land and online casinos.

Whether playing online or at real casinos you should keep in mind that the odds may change from one place to another.

American roulette odds are less favorable to the player due to the fact the game has an extra slot.

To use roulette odds in your favor you should firstly learn all the peculiarities of the games. Only after you may start playing for real.

French roulette is perhaps the most interesting and still the most seldomnly met variation of the game.

Due to the fact it provides extra bets, the odds in the game differ a bit. Find out how to use special French roulette bets to win more.

Roulette odds are very important to be learned by all types of players. Moreover, house edge will help you see how does the casino win with our help.

Extra rule rarely met online, though very popular at casinos offering French roulette game. This rule offers you to save half of your bet in case of losing. Special conditions.

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You will be surprised with the number of gambling houses which exist today, as there are really many of them each having its attractive sides. For some players it can even be almost impossible to choose casino for playing, as all of them seem to be worth visiting. If you feel that you cannot make decision by yourself, just go to - casino for canadian players. This site is perfect for those who just start to play online, as each step which you need to do to be able to enjoy games is explained here.

Roulette game is not so simple as it seems to be. Most of the players, especially those ones, who play as they think serious casino games as poker and blackjack, are sure, that the only thing you need to win at roulette is to guess the winning number. We cannot say that they are mistaken completely, but roulette game is not only about guessing. If you have ever played it, than you know, that in order to play game successfully, you should know the betting system and of course use some strategies.

We recommend you to start you roulette education process with basic information, which concerns game rules. Also pay attention to the roulette wheel and roulette layout. Keep in mind, that different roulette variations have different layouts and different winning odds. Do you want to know the difference between European and American roulette? Stay with us and keep reading, so you'll know more about the best online casino games.

You may play roulette game at online casinos, if you want. It is not a secret that most of gamblers prefer these places to make bets. And we understand why they do. Online casino is not only the place, where you can gamble within the comfort of your house, but also the possibility to win more, becoming a VIP member of the casino or just using all bonuses, which are usually offered to the players. Moreover, the choice of games there is always astonishing – except for classic variations, which usually may be found at all the casinos, you will find there also regional variations of the game and many others.

If you do not want to lose money playing roulette, you should always use money-management strategies and of course follow some winning tips. You should understand that they do not guarantee you winning, but they prevent you from losing all the money. We are sure, that you are interested at the best betting systems, so we’ve prepared for you decryptions and recommendations to all of them. Do not be too lazy to get acquainted with all of them, because it is not a wasting of time, it is inversing in your brilliant future of roulette gambler!

Improve your roulette odds with the help of special secrets, also known as roulette tips. Learn how to use them in any game at real or online roulette at any time.
Fun to know, but big part of roulette strategies are just roulette myths, based on occasional situations. In order to find out which facts are true and which are myths read our article.
Being one of the newest variations of roulette game, No Zero roulette is a game that offers the highest player odds but is rarely met online and at real life casinos.
Besides most popular variations of roulette players all over the world may learn how to play other roulette variations at real casinos and casinos online.

Roulette game is one of the most popular casino games all over the world. It is a classic example of a casino symbol recognizable everywhere.

Game rules when playing at online casinos and at real-life casinos are a bit different. Therefore we recommend you learn them before playing. Learn how to play the game anywhere and test your skills at


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To find the best roulette odds, players should start with learning the differences in roulette bets - in inside and outside roulette bets.

Learn how to use knowledge to improve your odds in the game of roulette - get up to 35 to 1 payout on the riskiest bets. Find out how to win more on even money bets in roulette.


Special roulette bets in French and European roulette games are call bets. These are extra bets not so often found online.

Despites the fact call bets in roulette cover big range of numbers, they do not offer high player odds as most of the chips are placed on straight bets. Find out more at our article.