Other roulette variations: Roulette Royale and Mini-Roulette

Beside the traditional classical roulette games - European, American and French - you are also able to find other variants of the roulette game, such as Roulette Royale and Mini-Roulette.

Roulette Royale

Royale Roulette rules are basically the same as the European roulette rules. It is actually based on the standard European roulette model with a single zero pocket on the wheel, which is considered to be a more advantageous model. In fact, it is always recommended to play European roulette rather than the American game variant. The house edge in European roulette - as in Roulette Royale - makes 2.63%, while the house advantage over the players in American double-zero roulette is about 5.26%.

The main goal of Roulette Royale is also quite the same as that in the European roulette. The players are supposed to guess the number that is going to win and place their bets accordingly. One is able to make both inside and outside bets in Roulette Royale - either bets on certain numbers or numeric groups or bets on Red-Black, Odd-Even, High-Low, Columns or Dozens. What actually distinguishes Roulette Royale from other classical roulette games is the additional opportunity of winning progressive jackpot it offers.

Progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpot in Roulette Royale may be won in case the same number wins for five subsequent times. This progressive jackpot grows constantly and can reach tremendous size. Thus it actually resembles the jackpot in progressive slot machines.

To be eligible for progressive jackpot, the player is to make an additional side bet to his or her regular bet that is added to a common pot for progressive jackpot. The jackpot is actually valued in credits, not in coins. Every player adds to the total jackpot sum, and in case some lucky player's bet hits for 5 subsequent times, he or she may get the entire accumulated jackpot.

Roulette Royale offers high odds at roulette as it is based on a more profitable European roulette model, and besides offers an additional chance to win large sums of money through hitting progressive jackpot.


Mini-Roulette introduces the rules that are quite the same as those in European roulette. The main difference it has from the other roulette variants is actually in the size of the wheel and the number of pockets on it, as well as different odds and payouts for the bets.

Mini-Roulette wheel has 12 numbered pockets plus a single zero pocket. The player can make the same bets as in other roulette games, both inside and outside.

The payouts for the bets in Mini-Roulette are different than in European roulette depending on the smaller number of pockets on the wheel:

  • Even money bets on Black-Red or Odd-Even pay out at 1 to 1, just like the bets on 1 to 6, 4 to 9 and 7 to 12.
  • Bets on vertical and horizontal lines on the layout pay 3 to 1 compared to 2 to 1 in the more traditional roulette variations.
  • Straight bets are paid out at 11 to 1 based on the total number of pockets on the wheel.


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