Roulette Pattern Strategy to Win


Making money while enjoying is quite hard but nowadays, it’s possible. When it’s about online casino, particularly roulette it’s true that you can make money easily while enjoying at the same time. There are lots of people who are hesitant to join an online casino because there are lots of options to choose from. There are lots of good sites that offer authentic promos and deals and there are also those that just aim to cheat others. Credibility is everything for an online casino operator. Their reputation is what they keep. There are brands that cherished this reputation for years to become renowned and trustworthy trademarks, like WHG where you can sign up to William Hill and use your casino bonus promo code and be sure that you’ll get what you were promised. There are reviews and forums that will be very helpful to you. You can also find scam sites there so you will be able to increase your knowledge about those sites you should be aware.

Payment options are very important especially to those who plan to pay using their credit or debit cards. You will be placing your personal details on a high risk if you will not make a research about the site. They will be able to get your personal details so you need to know if they are operating legally. Varieties of games are also important. Most casinos have deposit requirements. You should go to a site that offers variety of games so you will jump from one site to another. This will be very risky because you will be placing your personal information to one or more sites.

The techniques

  1. Double street squad strategy
  2. This kind of technique will enable you to bet on 2 double streets and with a quad too using 1 straight up number. With this type of betting partner, you will be able to cover around 17 numbers on the layout and then there will be no more than 5 end to end slots on the wheel that will not be covered. In this type of betting technique, you will be able to bet on 6 chips per spin and you can choose your own number to use and play this straight up.

  3. The payoff technique
  4. This type of technique will enable you to be paid off with 5-1. You will have 2 chips so you can gather 10 chips if the ball will land on 1 if the numbers covered by the double street bet. You will be able to gain profit of 6 chips. You will lose 4 chips in this method.

  5. 5 quad technique
  6. Using this method, you will be able to come up 5 quads or corner bets with a single straight up number. This type of betting pattern will cover twenty one numbers on the pattern. If you will choose straight up numbers in 1 of the corner bets, it will cover twenty numbers and you will put 1 chip on every side of the corner bets.

Roulette is a deleterious game of hope and on the American double zero wheel, it’s the house that has the edge and there is no betting technique that can alter this house edge. If there may be sites with advertisements that they tell you they know the perfect way to beat the house edge, it’s not true! You will just waste a lot of money in it.


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