Classical roulette games classification

There is a great variety of roulette games, both classical and created for fun. We offer you a list of the most popular classical roulette games: European, American and French roulette, Roulette Royale and Mini-Roulette.

European vs. American roulette

European and American roulette are probably the most commonly compared roulette variations. This is based mainly on the different odds offered by both roulette games. European roulette odds are considered to be higher than at its American counterpart, and it is even recommended to avoid American roulette tables at casinos and play European roulette instead.

Basic similarities and differences between European and American roulette:

  • European roulette wheel has a single pocket for a zero. Thus the total number of colored pockets on the wheel is 37, while it is 38 in the American roulette introducing the second zero pocket - '00'.
  • The additional pocket for zero on American wheel increases the roulette house edge up to about 5.3%, while the house edge at European roulette is significantly lower - 2.63%.
  • The players can make the same types of bets in American and European roulette, both inside (bets on certain numbers or groups of numbers placed next to each other on the layout) and outside (even money bets on Red-Black, Odd-Even, High-Low and bets on Columns or Dozens).
  • The payouts for the bets are quite the same in both roulette games, but European roulette offers better probabilities for the bets compared to the American roulette odds due to the absence of the second zero pocket.

French roulette features

French roulette game variant is basically similar to the European roulette, but it also offers additional features that increase the odds at French roulette and add to the overall excitement of the game process:

  • The table layout in French roulette is covered with red cloth and the numbers are printed white.
  • All bets and terms of French roulette rules are used in French.
  • French roulette offers two highly advantageous rules that greatly increase the player's odds: La Partage rule, according to which the player is able to get back 50% of his or her even money bet if zero is the outcome, and En Prison rule which allows to postpone the even money bet for the next spin (again, in case with the zero outcome).

Favorable No Zero roulette

There is a specific roulette game variant that offers zero house edge. It is known as No Zero roulette and is offered mainly at Zero lounge at Betfair online casino. The wheel at No Zero roulette has no zero pockets at all, which means that the player gets the true odds for his or her bets. The odds at No Zero roulette are actually 36 to 1 instead of 35 to 1 in both European and American roulette. The probability of hitting any even money bet in No Zero roulette will thus make 50%.

Other roulette variations

Roulette Royale variant of roulette games is basically quite similar to European roulette except that it offers an additional feature - progressive jackpot. This jackpot can be won in case the same number hits for five subsequent times. To qualify for progressive jackpot, the player is to make an extra side bet added to his or her regular bet.

Mini-Roulette is also based on the European roulette model, but differs from it in the size of the wheel and the number of pockets on it. It actually has 12 numbered pockets and a single pocket for zero. Despite the smaller size, Mini-Roulette offers the same bets as available in other roulette games, even though the payouts are different.


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