Guide to French roulette rules

French roulette rules are basically the same as the rules for its European and American counterparts. French roulette is a casino game which requires that the player makes bets on numbers he or she assumes the ball will land on with the stop of the wheel - just like in American or European roulette. Nevertheless, French roulette rules offer some variations to the basic roulette rules that make it different from other classical roulette games.

Distinctive features of French roulette

  1. The main feature of French roulette that differentiates it from other roulette variations is the design of French roulette table layout:
    • First of all, the table for French roulette is covered with red cloth, unlike the green-clothed tables in American and French roulette, and all numbers are printed in white. This is in fact just a matter of design which has no effect on the French roulette rules. The players are able to make the same bets on Red-Black despite the fact that they are actually represented in white on the layout.
    • Second, the layout in French roulette is different for the outside bets area. While in European and American roulette the outer layout sections are situated on one side of the table, in French roulette the outside bets are placed on both sides of the table.

    French wheel is actually no different from the European one and has the same arrangement of numbered pockets that are actually red and black. It has a single zero pocket which increases the French roulette probabilities.

  2. An important feature of French roulette rules is that all terms are actually used in French. The players are required to get familiar with the glossary of terms for French roulette and French words concerning the game of roulette in general:
    • Pair means Even
    • Impair means Odd
    • Manque is for Low (numbers 1 to 18)
    • Passe is for High (numbers 19 to 36)
    • Douzaine (Premiere 12, Moyenne 12, Derniere 12) - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Dozen
    • Colonne means Column
    • Rouge - Noire - Red-Black
    • Jeton is for chip
    • Mise is for bet
    • Tapis means the layout
  3. French roulette is a roulette game variation where you are most sure to find highly favorable En Prison rule and La Partage rule. The two terms are actually French. Both concern the situation with even money bets when the outcome of the spin is zero. Due to the La Partage rule, the player get back half his or her bet, and due to the En Prison rule the bet is postponed to the next spin if the ball lands in the zero pocket while the player makes a bet on Red-Black, Odd-even or High-Low.
  4. French roulette allows a set of the so called Announced or Call bets:
    • Voisins du Zero (or Neighbors of the Zero)
    • Tiers du Cylindre (or the Third on the Wheel)
    • Orphelins (or Orphans)
    • Finales en Plein - numbers that end with a certain digit (like 5, 15, 25, 35)
    • Finales a Cheval - numbers that end with either of two given digits (like 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27 etc.)

    Roulette call bets seem to cover random numeric combinations but in fact they depend on the special arrangement of numbers on the French roulette wheel. These bets actually add to the overall betting repertoire defined by French roulette rules.


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