Tips for roulette casino game

Before starting to play roulette casino game, you should understand this: there is no specific strategy that could help you win at roulette. Roulette is a game of mere chance with random results of each spin. This means that you cannot predict for sure where the ball will land and cannot affect the results in any possible way. Nevertheless, what you can do is to follow the basic tips for roulette that might improve your winning odds.

Basic tips for roulette

Tip #1: It is important to remember that different casinos may offer different rules defining how to play roulette.

  • First of all, certain casinos are more likely to have European wheels rather than American ones.
  • Some casinos introduce highly favorable rules of En Prison and La Partage which decrease the casino advantage over the players.
  • Besides, different casinos and roulette tables will have different betting limits - from the minimum of $2 to $5 to the maximum of about $200 to $500.
  • Different casinos will offer different payout percentages for roulette casino game.

All this can influence the odds at roulette greatly, that's why one of the most important tips for roulette is to browse different casinos and choose the ones with the most favorable conditions for playing roulette and the best payout percentages.

Tip #2: This recommendation is connected with the preceding one: always play at tables introducing European wheels. Single-zero wheels offer considerably lower house edge compared to American double-zero wheels - 2.63% instead of 5.26%.

Tip #3: Always try to make outside bets in roulette rather than inside ones. These are bets on Red or Black, Odd or Even, High or Low, Columns or Dozens. Even if your winnings are less (2 to 1 or 1 to 1 for even money bets), you will get more chances to win your bet.

Tip #4: Apply an efficient money management system. Predetermine your bankroll beforehand and define the maximum sum you can afford to lose. It is also best not to use your winnings at roulette for further bets.

Tip #5: The use of roulette betting systems is possible but in fact optional. Some may say they work, but in fact they only help the player arrange his or her bankroll and prevent dramatic losses.

Tip #6: Some roulette guides recommend the players to search for biased wheels - the wheels with certain manufacturing flaws that tend to hit certain numbers more often. In fact, it is almost impossible to find these as the casino authorities will monitor their wheels and change biased wheels immediately.

Tip #7: One of the tips for roulette is to try free games prior to playing for real money. This is actually one of the advantages of playing roulette at online casinos. By playing for free you are able to master roulette rules and have good practice.

Tip #8: One the most important tips for roulette that can also be applied to other casino games is stay cool and concentrate. You should focus on what you are doing at the roulette table and follow the goal of gaining profit, not driving the casino into bankruptcy, which is impossible.


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