Land vs. online roulette

Roulette is considered by some as the most popular casino game ever and everywhere. It is marked by special thrill and excitement together with a certain veil of mystery about it. Roulette wheel has become one of universally acknowledged symbols of casino gambling.

With the development of modern technology gamblers have received an opportunity to play roulette at online casinos. Online roulette has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our roulette guide will familiarize you with the basic differences between land vs. online roulette.

Playing roulette at a land-based casino

  • Playing roulette at a real land-based casino is marked by special atmosphere only live gambling may offer. You socialize and interact with other players and the croupier and can actually see and take part in the real roulette gambling process - the chips placed on the layout, the wheel spinning and the ball landing in one of the pockets. Besides, you are able to experience the atmosphere of luxurious brick-and-mortar gambling sites. This thrill cannot be compared with that of roulette at online casinos.
  • At the same time, playing roulette at a real casino may turn out to be rather costly, especially if your bankroll set for gambling is limited. Most live casinos are established as places offering luxurious pastimes for the high society and have rather high costs for all services. In fact, visiting a casino is usually a rather expensive vacation, especially if one wishes to visit any of the popular gambling destinations like Monte Carlo or Las Vegas.
  • For some players, especially for dummies, playing roulette at a land casino may prove to be a real challenge for the nerves. High speed of the game and presence of other players may discourage most newbies, while experienced players may feel nervous while waiting for new spins.
  • Most land casinos offer certain variations of roulette games. For example, you are not likely to find European roulette at the US casino.

Advantages of online roulette

One may find out that playing roulette online has some important advantages compared to live roulette at a land casino.

  • First of all, online roulette is actually much more convenient than its land-based counterpart. In fact, one may play online roulette anywhere and anytime as long as there is Internet connection. You don't need to pay a lot for the luxurious pastime at a live casino or stick to casino dress code - in fact you don't even have to leave your seat.
  • At online casinos you are able to find all kinds of roulette games and choose the ones you like best or offering the best odds at roulette. Besides, there is a great opportunity to try free games and learn how to play roulette before your money is at stake.
  • Playing roulette at online casinos one is able to have full control over the speed of the game. It is a very attractive opportunity for newbies for whom high speed of gambling at a real casino among real people may sound daunting.
  • One of the drawbacks of playing roulette online may be fraudulent behavior of some online casino operators. But in fact it can be easily avoided if you choose licensed online casinos with good reputation. This way your funds will be absolutely safe and you will be able to enjoy roulette casino gambling any time you like.


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