Rules and odds for No Zero roulette

To understand the odds for No Zero roulette it is important to review the notion of roulette house edge. We already know that house advantage over the players in roulette is gained due to the fact that there is a zero pocket on the wheel (or even two zero pocket, as in American variant of roulette games). The house edge makes 2.63% for European roulette and 5.26% for American roulette. This is actually the amount of the player's losses in a long term. It is usually recommended to play European roulette rather than its American counterpart as far as the house edge it offers is lower.

In order to reduce the house edge rules of La Partage and En Prison were introduced. These rules concern the even money bets and work only if the outcome of the spin is zero. They reduce the house edge to approximately 1.35%. But even with such low house edge the player will still lose in a long term. That's why to completely eliminate the house edge No Zero roulette variation was developed. Here you can read about the basic features of No Zero roulette and the way it improves the player's winning odds.

No Zero roulette odds

Mo matter what kind of bets you make in No Zero roulette, you will get paid according to your true odds at roulette. The 37-number European roulette wheel and 38-number American roulette wheel may have higher true odds - 37 to 1 and 38 to 1 respectively - but according to the presence of zero pockets (one in European and 2 in American variant) the payouts make 35 to 1.

  • The odds of hitting say Black or any other even money bet are exactly 50%.
  • In case with the straight bets made on certain numbers the payout will make 100% unlike that of the European or American roulette having zero pockets on their wheels.

All this makes the house edge in No Zero roulette equal zero. The player who plays No Zero roulette for a really long time is actually likely to eventually break even.

Betfair Zero Lounge

Probably the most famous online casino offering No Zero roulette is Betfair casino. The casino is perfectly legitimate, and a question arrives immediately: How do they earn their profit? In fact, the answer is really simple. Even though the player could break even in a long term while playing No Zero roulette offering zero roulette house edge, nevertheless he or she is very likely to lose. This is how the casino gains its profit. One should always remember: No casino is made for its own ruin. If a zero house edge game exists, it means that it is profitable for the casino.


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