Why Poker is the Best Casino Game for Aspiring Professional Gamblers

Most of us are brought up in society that associates gambling and casinos with spending money and having fun, it is only later in life that we discover that there are a lot to learn about casino games and gambling in general and many even go ahead to turn gambling into a profession.  How can gambling be a constant source of income for you and your family?  Which is the easiest way to become a professional gambler?  Read on if you are seeking conclusive answers to these questions.

Specialize in one casino game

There is no easy way to become a professional gambler, and it requires hard working and spending some time to master different aspects of gambling.  If it was as easy as reading this guide, then everyone would be a gambler and what would come out of it?  The most popular casino games you can consider trying or specializing in to become an expert in them include Poker, Blackjack, sports booking, Texas Hold’em and 3 Card Poker just to name the best.  Still, poker is the best game for you to learn, practice and master for many reasons.

The best thing about poker is that the house does not care who wins the game, and there is nothing more a professional gambler wants than to play a game without worrying about the house being on the other side.  This means that as a player, all you need to worry about is finding players who play this game worse than you.  Choosing a game like blackjack, though it has a greater recognition and earning possibility than poker, you will be constantly changing strategies and going against the house when you count cards or use any new strategies. On top of this most of the online casinos offer welcome bonuses to its new players to increase their stack. Get your free online poker bonus.

Another good reason to go with poker as the preferred casino game to play professionally is that it is the only casino game that demands skill and the odds are not stacked against you from the get-go.  Since you play the game against other players and not the casino, you have a greater chance of winning than losing.  Besides, with poker, you master the basic skills to get you started and you will master other skills and come up with strategies as you gain experience.

When are you a professional poker player?

Who is a professional poker player?  If you are going to be one, you should know the two things that define such a professional:

  • Mathematical advantage:  Professional gamblers have statistical advantage over an average number, no matter what casino game(s) they play.  When this skill naturally starts coming to you and you can easily carry out calculations in your head in split seconds, you are on the right track.
  • Casino is your primary source of income: When you decide to make gambling your profession, the IRS will know you as a professional gambler and the casino should or can be your primary source of income.  Note that listing yourself as a professional gambler means that is your livelihood.


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